Our Vision

At HEIFoundation we envision ourselves to be the most credible and reliable honorary degree awarding institution around the world, with unshakable principles of transparency and commitment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to acknowledge and reward efforts made by dedicated individuals from all around the world. As a responsible member of the society we consider it our duty to recognize these revolutionary contributions that have undoubtedly made this world a better place to live.

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Power of Recognition & Reward

HEI Foundation has recognized hundreds of individuals
around the globe on the basis of their experience and

HEI's Legacy

With an advanced , transparent nomination system, HEI Foundation has been one of the most efficient nominating agencies around the world.
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I am really grateful for receiving this rare honor and would always try to live up to it. It all happened when HEIFoundation nominated me for an Honorary Degree for my achievements in the field of Marketing. With a working experience of 15 years, I assisted various corporate brands to formulate their marketing and communication strategies. Lucas Martin – Marketing Strategist

Throughout my career I have learned that understanding the basics of law can translate into any language or culture. But I have to give HEIFoundation a lot of credit for recognizing my achievements in legal studies and nominating me for an Honorary Degree. Without this I would have had a much more difficult time in pursuing my studies in International Law.James Shea – Legal Consultant

I have served as a principal to many renowned high schools and recently decided to start my own. The main idea behind starting my own high school was the volunteering participation in educating less fortunate children. I would like to thank HEIFoundation for recognizing my contribution to society and also for nominating me for an honorary degree.Rita Anderson – Educator

Being a Philanthropist certain familiar responsibilities in the shape of voluntary services came my way. Today, I have carried them with the same zeal and enthusiasm as that of my ancestors. Serving various welfare organizations pleased me. The turning point came when I was recognized by HEIFoundation for my contribution, as an individual who want to add value to current lifestyles of others. I thank HEIFoundation for recognizing my efforts.Christopher Williams – Philanthropist

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